Bingo Games begin on Tuesdays at 12 Noon

Bingo Games return on Thursday evenings at 6 PM

Games are played in the Parish Hall every Tuesday at 12 noon and Thursday evening at 6 PM. This fundraising effort is staffed by volunteers, light meals are offered for a nominal fee. Many participants come early to enjoy the food along with the fun.

Playing Bingo, a game that has endured for decades in the Our Lady of Fatima Parish and the local community is about more than simply the suspense of waiting to hear your number called. It’s about a group activity that brings individuals together with new people and forms stronger bonds between existing groups.

The social aspect of the game transcends time and space and fosters a feeling of kinship to generations of Bingo players. Bingo’s intuitive rules and structure ensure that individuals of many ages and cultural backgrounds can play and enjoy the game.

The communal nature of the game is a welcome reminder of the value of human interaction in a society where isolation is all to common.